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3dom Webhosting Plans

3dom websites are hosted on Unix based Apache servers that are fast, secure with 99% uptimes.

  • 50 MB Disk Space
  • 2GB Monthly Traffic
  • 5 Mail Boxes

Entry level

$55 per annum
  • 250 MB Disk Space
  • 10GB Monthly Traffic
  • 15 Mail Boxes

Suits most website needs

$150 per annum
or $16 per month
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 30GB Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Disk Space

large & media rich sites

$320 per annum
or $29 per month
The LITE PLAN is ideal for Small sized websites that have 5 to 20 html pages.
The Pro plan is suitable for average sized websites that are hosted in a Content Management Site (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal etc. It includes access to one MYSQL database.
The ELITE PLAN is ideal for Large sized websites with a lot of multimedia content and dynamically driven database features etc .

There are no Set-up fees for web-hosting. Free NZ Domain transfers (except for Non-NZ Domain which may include a fee). For new and recurring domain registration fees please contact us.

All prices quoted are GST exclusive

All our hosting plans feature the WHM Control panel allowing for:

  • Website Traffic Analysis Tools
  • Self management of Email Accounts
  • Self Management of your domains & subdomains, Site Files and database*
  • Webmail access from anywhere in the world
  • Unique Pop Email accounts with Email forwarding and Aliasing
  • Site & Email Antivirus and Spam Extensions
  • Newer versions of PHP and MYSQL
  • PHPMYADMIN to access MYSQL Database *

We also offer:

  • Additional Bandwidth (per 1 GB) *$11.00/month
  • Additional Diskspace (per 10 MB) *$1.50/month
  • Add-On Domains $2.50/month
  • Extra Parked Domains 2 *$1.50/month
  • Extra 5 POP Email Accounts *$1.50/month
  • Extra MySQL Databases *$1.00/month
  • SSL Certificates – Annual (Contact us for a competitive pricing)

*Please note: MYSQL database and therefore PHPMYADMIN are not included in the 3dom Lite Plan.

For 3dom webhosting terms and conditions – click here!

3dom Location

Who are we?

3dom Media Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand.Our directors and staff come from various professions expertise and experience ranging from Conceptual Design, Technical, Finance and Administration. Our core business is in Multimedia Development ranging from output to Desktop Applications and the World Wide Web. Our staff have many years of experience in general IT, Business Analysis and Web development.

What we do

We provide a number of services, we do it creatively and with your business and our style in mind.
We arent about selling products, we’re about building relationships and with our customers. We act as a partner not a supplier. Need advice, we can offer it! Need a design with meaning, we’ve got that too.